ABT-DTL -Clay Pigeon traps

Down-The-Line (DTL) is the most straight-forward of the Trap disciplines. It is the easiest of the Trap disciplines , and a newcomer can soon be breaking quite high scores in a short time.
AutoClayTrap DTL machines can be with solenoid release for instaneous target firing or without solenoid and random oscillating motor timer feature.
DTL and ABT traps made to order with customer specification.

ABT - Tiger 8-200 clay pigeon trap

CAPACITY(clays) - 200/300/400
HEIGHT (with magazin)- 915 mm(36'')
LENGTH- 620 mm/24''
WEIGHT- 75 kg
COLUMN CAROUSEL- from 8 to 12
Only 915 mm (36'') high to suit most trap houses. Solenoid release mechanism for instant firing. Multi position drive disk for throwing angle set up. Timers for automatic stop and random movement interupter 3 years warranty.

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  • If you have any model of levermatic manual clay pigeon trap - convert it to an Automatic trap at half the cost of a brand new automatic trap - AutoClayTrap modification : Farey 75 conversion
  • Displayed at the British Shooting show in 2010. show
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